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San Francisco Street Music

Также известно как: SFSM
Члены группы San Francisco Street Music: Alex 75, Chaz (3), Corey (5), JESFSM, Joseph Bell, PK (7)

Дискография San Francisco Street Music:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Noise Pollution 22 audio iTunes 1999 Highground
2 From There To Here 20 audio iTunes 2000 Ripple Effect Records
3 The Pride 18 audio iTunes 1996 San Francisco Street Music
4 Word Of Mouth 30 audio iTunes 1995 San Francisco Street Music
5 Word Of Mouth 29 audio iTunes 2002
6 Still Defiant (Extended) 28 audio iTunes 2002
7 Instrumentals & Coincidentals 24 audio iTunes 2002
8 The Pride 17 audio iTunes San Francisco Street Music
9 Instrumentals & Coincidentals W/ $Tree 2 audio iTunes 1996 San Francisco Street Music
10 Rap Moguls 22 audio iTunes Not On Label
11 Noise Pollution 24 audio iTunes 2005 Asita Recordings
12 Untitled (2010) 22 audio iTunes 2011 Ripple Effect Records

San Francisco Street Music (SFSM) was an underground hip-hop group in San Francisco during the early to mid 1990s. Originally formed by Corey Harris and Charles Hurbert in 1994, SFSM's music was defined by their highly personal lyrics and emotionally charged beats. Following the self-produced "Word o' Mouth" album (cassette) in 1995, SFSM became a collective of other local artists such as Joe Dubs, Jes (Who Cares?), AC75 and many others. "Still Defiant" was released in 1996 as a compilation of songs and snippets recorded during 1995 and featured artists such as Big Shawn (Bored Stiff), Shon Rich (7Gen), Po' EM (Knot Tight), as well as many others. 1995-1998 saw the relase of multiple off-shoot albums such as "The Pride," "The Money Tree," "Coincidentals & Instrumentals," "Skool of Thought," "Noise Pollution" and "From There To Here." While SFSM never realized broad commercial success, they were considered by many one of the more unique and overlooked groups to emerge from the West Coast underground scene.

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