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Elden M.

Elden M.

Также известно как: Elden, Elden M, EMAC

Дискография Elden M.:

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SF Bay-area experimental musician known best for his work as [a=Allegory Chapel Ltd.] For many years he worked at [l=Subterranean Records] and currently is one of the people behind [l=blackmetal.com]. He also ran the [l=ACLMX] tape label. Elden has collaborated extensively with other bay-area musicians such as [a=Monte Cazazza], Stephen Holman as [a=Torture Chorus], and [a=Mason Jones]; performing with other international artists such as [a=Mayuko Hino], [a=Merzbow], [a=Hijo Kaidan], and [a=Haters]; plus collaborated with the following bands: [a=Neither-Neither World], [a=Noothgrush], [a=Bone Awl], [a=Carbon 14], [a=Love Force] (later known as [a=Amber Asylum]), [a=IAO Core], and others. Elden's side-project as [a=M.N.L.F.] appeared on the [r=516226] compilation album, and released a very limited number of demo cassette; the initials stand for MAGICKAL NOISE LIBERATION FRONT.

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