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Toni Smith

Thomassina Carrollyne Smith

Также известно как: Smith, T Smith, T. Smith, T.C.Smith, T.Smith, Thomassina C. Smith, Thomassina Carrollyne Smith, Thomassina Smith, Tom Smith, Tomassina Smith, Toni "Funkin For Jamaica" Smith, Toni (The Voice) Smith, Tonni "Sangin" Smith, Tonni Smith, Tony Smith
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/tonnismith

Дискография Toni Smith:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Rejoice 2 audio iTunes 2003 Soundmen On Wax
2 Jazz It Up 2 audio iTunes 1987 4th & Broadway
3 Can't Stop (This Feelin') 3 audio iTunes 1986 Lisson Records
4 (Ooh!) I Like The Way It Feels 3 audio iTunes 1983 Apexton Records
5 Summertime 3 audio iTunes 2007-07-17 Funk La Planet
6 (Ooh) I Like The Way It Feels 2 audio iTunes 1984 Polydor
7 Jazz It Up 3 audio iTunes 1987 4th & Broadway
8 (Ooh) I Like The Way It Feels 4 audio iTunes 1984 Polydor
9 Ooh.... I Like The Way It Feels 4 audio iTunes 1983 Malaco Records
10 One Love 4 audio iTunes 2011-03-16 Raisani Records
11 (Ooh!) I Like The Way It Feels 2 audio iTunes 1983 Embassy Records (2)
12 Soul On Sound Magazine No.30 11 audio iTunes 1984 Soul On Sound
13 Jazz It Up 2 audio iTunes 1987 4th & Broadway
14 Jazz It Up 2 audio iTunes 1987 4th & Broadway

Tonni was born and raised in the Bronx, New York, and began singing when she was six years old. At the age of 12 she began singing professionally with her first band known as the “Lindell Experience.” After growing restless she decided to work with an additional band known as “Bronkz” where she had her first shot at writing lyrics and creating a demo. Working between both bands helped mold her to be the artist she is today. When Tonni reached her eighteenth year, she left home to pursue her music career full force - she joined the oldies group called the Chrystals with one of the original members, De De Keninbrew. This experience allowed her the opportunity to perform at many theatres in Los Angeles, such as the Ampi-theatre and the Shrine Auditorium - and even open for headline acts for various Dick Clark productions. Shortly thereafter, Tonni met Tom Browne and soon she began to introduce Tom to some of her original material which he took a positive interest in. [i]“Tom asked me if I had any ideas for a tune he was working on -- and that song is now known as the famous “Funkin’ For Jamaica.”[/i] Co-written by Tonni and released on Arista/GRP Records, “Funkin’ For Jamaica” was number one for five weeks straight. She also co-wrote “Thighs High” which went Gold and “Let’s Dance” on the follow up album "Magic" and "Jam Fo’ Real". Tonni has done pre-production vocals for Stephanie Mills and Meli’sa Morgan. She has also done session work for the Fat Boys, James Ingram and Gavin Christopher and recorded with the late Keith Diamond who wrote for Billy Ocean. More recent projects include Velour recording group “Lettuce,” Donald Blackman, and jazz artist Dave Koz. Tonni is regularly called upon by the Rhythm Syndicate producer/writer-duo Evan Rogers and Carl Sturken. Additionally, Tonni recorded vocals for metal funk bassist T.M. Stevens, keyboardist Bob Baldwin and former member of Unlimited Touch, Lenny Underwood. Her voice can also be heard on several jingles for various television commercials. Tonni’s credentials not only consist of a singer and songwriter, but also an arranger, vocal producer and a musician -- she is a self taught pianist. Her arranging skills are exemplified on her original creations that she shared with her fans at Joe’s Pub this summer -- a compilation of songs that she put together for her solo CD project which features live cuts of varoius performances. Tonni recorded a single entitled “Rejoice!” written and produced by Dewey Cioffi of Divadownentertaiment, which was released on Soundmen on Wax records in 2003. She has also recorded a follow-up single entitled "One Love" due out this Spring on the same label and another Diva Anthem entitled "Too Many Nights" that is currently being remixed in England by Lee Hesler. She is ready to work her new material on the club circuit .

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