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DJ Cue

Frank Cuevas

Также известно как: Cue, DJ Cue "Tha Chef"
Группа в интернете: http://www.djcue.com/

Дискография DJ Cue:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Broken Fader Breaks Volume 2: Fresh Out The Box 13 audio iTunes 1995 Broken Fader Breaks
2 Who's On First? 2 audio iTunes 1999 Cue's Records
3 Crushed Breaks DJ Toolkit Part 3 2 audio iTunes 2001 Stray Records
4 Kitchen Heat Vol. 1 5 audio iTunes 2004 AV8
5 Crushed Breaks DJ Toolkit Part 2 11 audio iTunes 2001 Stray Records
6 Crushed Breaks DJ Toolkit Part 1 5 audio iTunes 2000 Stray Records

DJ Cue is an essential member to the history of turntablism. Cue (Frank Cuevas) originates from Daly City, CA, and first jumped onto the turntables in 1987. He co-created the first battle DJ break record, Hamster Break, Vol. 1 and took part in the Bullet Proof Scratch Hamsters. Along with Eddie Def, Cue is a member of DMT (Drum Machine Technicians) and the Space Travelers, of which he has produced several albums. He has produced alongside DJ Quest and was featured on Ohm Records' Deep Concentration 3. In 2000, he released Cue's Hip Hope Shop: Vol. 2, a collection of tracks featuring Cue's turntablist productions. ~ Diana Potts, All Music Guide

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