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X1 (2)

Bruce Sandlin

Также известно как: X-1

Дискография X1 (2):

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Young, Rich And Gangsta 21 audio iTunes 2006-08-08 Dynasty Records (6)
2 It's A New Era Vol.1 23 audio iTunes 2005-08-22 Not On Label
3 Everywhere We Go 6 audio iTunes 2006 Dynasty Records (6)
4 Everywhere We Go 2 audio iTunes Dynasty Records (6)
5 Everywhere We Go 4 audio iTunes Dynasty Records (6)

Rapper who was the brother of Sticky Fingaz, and an Onyx affiliate. Died in Las Vegas on July 5th 2007. Unconfirmed reports emerged that the rapper committed suicide. X-1 was originally in a group called Gangreen, and in 2000 was signed to Mike Tyson's record label, Tyson Records. X1's last solo album Young, Rich & Gangsta was released in 2006.

Комментарии о X1 (2):