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Atrabilis Sunrise

Padre P.C.

Группа в интернете: http://www.p-c-m.org/atrabilis, http://www.myspace.com/atrabilis, http://www.facebook.com/atrabilis.sunrise

Дискография Atrabilis Sunrise:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Aesthetics Of Self-Destruction 4 audio iTunes 2003-06-26 Formosan Rec
2 Altered Alternative (Boredom Level) 27 audio iTunes 2004-09-09 Deserted Factory
3 Aesthetics Of Self-Destruction 8 audio iTunes 2003 P.C.M.
4 A Child's Dream Of Death 6 audio iTunes 2003 P.C.M.
5 Santo Pae 4 audio iTunes 2003 P.C.M.
6 Snoezelen Room Larks 15 audio iTunes 2006-11-01 P.C.M.
7 Sex, Drugs, And Christian Pride (Worst Case Scenario) 33 audio iTunes 2006-03-02 P.C.M.
8 Cada Solemne 3 audio iTunes 2004-07-05 P.C.M.
9 Pillgrimage 14 audio iTunes 2010-04-04
10 Pillgrimage 10 audio iTunes 2009-12-09 P.C.M.
11 Perverse Liturgy (Pouring Infection Deep Into The Soft Arms Of The Noösphere) 7 audio iTunes 2012-00-00 P.C.M.

Atrabilis Sunrise is a one-man music/noise project created by Padre P.C., owner of the P.C.M. label, after the demise of dark-industrial act Catharsis. Having a reputation for pushing the edge of sanity, Atrabilis Sunrise specializes in spasms of psychedelic, psychotic, disturbing, filthy distorted noise combined with dark, tortured, confusing atmospheres, spartan death beats, paranoid, demented vocals and manipulated voice samples of Christian fundamentalists, drug users, mental patients, religious perverts, murderers and such like, capturing the sound and spirit of glorious hysterical madness into a bizarre, free-form, pull-no-punches, nihilistic genre he defines himself as "Acid Death-Industrial". Steeped in images of a starkly contrasting world made of corroded beauty, going in and out of consciousness, drifting in and out nightmarish visions that encompass joy, despair, love, hate, life, death, quietness, fury and unconditionnal surrender, it's quite clear that Padre P.C. is following his own somewhat strange musical route, maniacal and dark. An utterly weird, excruciatingly harrowing yet blessful musical experience.

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