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Batch Totem

Также известно как: BATCH TOTEM
Группа в интернете: http://totem.menneske.dk/

Дискография Batch Totem:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Trunkeret & Ikonisk 19 audio iTunes 2007 Ristretto
2 Nrt-Gsap 2 audio iTunes 2008 BIN
3 Funktion #1 2 audio iTunes 2008 BIN
4 {Drawn By August} 3 audio iTunes 2008 skyndo
5 Funktion #2 2 audio iTunes 2009 BIN
6 Funktion #3 2 audio iTunes 2009 BIN
7 Funktion #4 2 audio iTunes 2010 BIN
8 Allokeret & Kronologisk 2 audio iTunes 2010 BIN
9 ZX DATA 2 audio iTunes 2013 BIN

BATCH TOTEM is a project devoted to artistic practice through technical process initiated by the Danish sound-artist Jonas Olesen. The productions are based on processes which create unexpected artefacts, such as extreme data compression, data size limitation, RAW data conversion, etc. This is not to be seen as regular artistic production using glitches or malfunctions, but rather based on collateral effects produced by technical equipement placed in an aesthetic context.

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