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Mike Mogis

Mike Mogis

Также известно как: M. Mogis, Michael Mogis, Mike, Mike Bogis, Mogis, Mr. Mogis

Дискография Mike Mogis:

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Producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist from Omaha (NE, USA). Producing for bands such as [a=Cursive], [a=Faint, The] & other [l=Saddle Creek] Records bands. Together with his brother [a=A.J. Mogis] he founded the Presto! Recording Studios (Lincoln, NE, USA) in 1995. Then it was still called [l269330] and located in North Platte (NE, USA), then it changed name to [l499215] and when the brothers moved to Lincoln (NE, USA) they finally changed the name to Presto! Recording Studios.

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