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Daniel Symons

Группа в интернете: http://www.dymons.com/, http://www.myspace.com/danielsymons

Дискография Dymons:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Amrit 9 audio iTunes 2013-11-22 Elestial Records
2 Amrit 9 audio iTunes 2013-11-22 Elestial Records

Dymons is Daniel Symons He first wanted to drop out of school and sing at the age of seven...It didn't happen so he started drumming... with pots and pans... Aged 17 he begun globetrotting towards Morocco with a couple of drumsticks and came back with a darbuka. His love for drum beats and his thirst for adventure then got him on a train to West Africa... with a full drum kit this time... In Burkina Faso the kit was traded for African drums...Alternate life styles, cultures, and music have taken him over the 5 inhabited continents since, where he has gained a considerable amount of musical experience, collected various instruments and quite a soundbank as he traveled most places with a digital tape recorder. He has performed over a thousand live gigs in more than 30 different countries with musicians from all over the world encompassing a wide variety of music genres and bands. Some of the parties and festivals include Glade(UK), Boom(PRT), Wickerman(UK), Life Festival(IRL), Waveform(UK) Outback Eclipse(AUS), Soulclipse(TUR), Rainbow Serpent(AUS), Zoom(CHE), Paleo(CHE), Rastecas(MEX), TranceKarma(PRT), Quest for Goa(PRT), Synergy(UK) (I.D.Spiral, Turaya), Exodus(AUS), Morocco 2001, Mystery of Eleusis(CHE), Psyberpunk(CHE), Temple of Light(CHE), The MicroCosm(USA), Biolive(CHE), FrakaSound(CHE), and many more... Dan is also involved writing, recording, mixing and performing with the Peaking Goddess Collective, a live ambient and trance band. He also mixed the album "Flooting Grooves - Upsyde Downe" (Peak Records) with Pearce van der Merwe and has released tracks on internationally acclaimed compilations. His mystical nature and deep feeling that there's much more to reality than we can see led him to explore various states of consciousness trough trance rituals with “shamans” and medicine men and women from many different horizons. He has helped others experience such states and cure themselves by musically accompanying healing ceremonies and rituals (firewalking, trancedancing, sweatlodges, etc...).

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