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Peaking Goddess Collective, The

Также известно как: P.G.C., The, PGC
Члены группы Peaking Goddess Collective, The: Ajja, Daniel Symons, Gaspard Besson, Moreno Antognini, Pearce van der Merwe
Группа в интернете: http://soundcloud.com/the-pgc, http://myspace.com/thepeakinggoddesscollective, http://thepeakinggoddesscollective.podomatic.com/

Дискография Peaking Goddess Collective, The:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Live In Amsterdam 4 audio iTunes 2004-02-00 Not On Label
2 Live Act At The "Temple Of Light" 9 audio iTunes 2004 Not On Label
3 Kinneret Sunset 6 audio iTunes 2004 Not On Label
4 Live In Switzerland 11 audio iTunes 2004 Not On Label
5 Organika 8 audio iTunes 2007-08-17 Peak Records (2)

Moreno Antognini, Ajja S.F. Leu, Pearce van der Merwe & Daniel Symons. The Peaking Goddess Collective is a Swiss-based four-piece live organic act known for its outstanding and longstanding performances. Fusing live instruments, electronic devices and good vibes, they play eclectic sets that cover a wide range of styles. You might find them trancing a prog floor, just as you might see them entrancing the worlds finest chill stages. The Peaking Goddess Collective's current line-up is: Ajja S.F. Leu : Guitar Master Margherita : Bass Flooting Grooves : Flute Dymons : Percussion All members alternately play laptop, synth or fx.

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