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Egyptian Nursery

Члены группы Egyptian Nursery: Craigie Dodds
Группа в интернете: http://www.freshmusic.co.za/egyptian%20bio.htm

Дискография Egyptian Nursery:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Still 3 audio iTunes Fresh Music (2)
2 God's Window 3 audio iTunes 2000

[b]Egyptian Nursery[/b]'s roots can be traced back to the meeting of a thin North Englander and a rubenesque redhead from Mauritius in Johannesburg in July of 1995. They started writing, producing and recording songs together (at the rate of one a night), and with the arrival of a Zairean rapper the line-up was completed: Arlene Bechard - Vocals Mojama Kalume - Rap & vocals (French and Lingala) Craigie Dodds - Keyboards, guitar, samplers, percussion and vocals Debut album "New Anthem" was released in 1998, with its singles storming up the domestic charts for the next two years and garnering Mr. Dodds a "Best Producer" SAMA award in 1999 along the way. The album was also released internationally as "God's Window" (in Europe via [l=Blue Flame Records] and distributed by BMG), with a slightly different track listing.

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