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Doru Malaia

Doru Mălăia

Также известно как: Doru Mălăia
Группа в интернете: http://www.freewebs.com/dorumalaia/

Дискография Doru Malaia:

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Romanian singer, songwriter, born in April 23, 1960, Galaţi and died in February 11, 2006 in his sleep due to cardiac problems occurred because advanced pulmonary cancer. He has over 45 years of musical experience include: - performing "live" over 25 years , solo or with different bands. - singing 'live' with 8 instruments - in 2001, have sold 24 hours of original instrumental music composed exclusively him , covering almost all musical styles to more than 140 radio and tv stations from all over România. - composing music for more than 150 comercial movies or short-movie productions. - from 1999 he have been using the PC for compositions , without any hardware instruments , writing directly in score anything (using Midisoft Worship Studio and Reason along with other many programs for composing and processing music + almost 3000 sf2 and hundreds of thousands of samples , hundreds of refills , etc - working together with more than 70 modern bands (dance , house , trance , break , etc) and more than 100 singers.

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