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Dave Handford

David Handford

Также известно как: David Handford
Группа в интернете: http://www.postofficerecords.com/index.htm

Дискография Dave Handford:

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Born in Torquay, Devon, sound artist Dave Handford has been producing organised sonic work since 1992. Through early experiments in electronic psychedelia with Vibe Tribe (1992-1993) and electronica/techno with Moduloss (1993-1995), his work now ranges from minimalist drone pieces to absurd rhythmic soundscapes. From an early interest in electronics he also constructs sound devices for recording and performance including analogue harmonic units and Theremin based machines. These have been used in Jo Shapland's performances Chrysalis (1998) and See the Woods Through the Trees (2000-2002), as well as site specific installation work such as Further Back and Faster (2001) and Radio St.Dogmaels #2 (2001) in Pembrokeshire as part of Ointment collaborative arts project. Other collaborative work has included a soundtrack for Jo Shapland's Zeitlupe (1999/2000), live and vinyl music for Continuous Sound Laboratory (2000-2001), and live soundtracking for Man Troi on Pedestal (2002) and Soluna (2002), in Ireland and Wales. Currently he is continuing his site specific, tone/harmonic Soundings throughout Wales and UK, in underground and other obtuse spaces. Since May 2001, his label Postofficerecords has been a vehicle for his and others experimental recordings. Under this he also records as DJ Methodist and Ministry Of Defiance.

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