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Thembi Soddell

Thembi Soddell

Группа в интернете: http://cajid.com/thembi/

Дискография Thembi Soddell:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Iland 5 audio iTunes 2006 Cajid Media

Thembi Soddell’s volatile sonic worlds morph, shift, rupture and dis-rupture into filmic atmospheres with a distinctly disquieting edge. Contorted into unreal environments and luscious masses of sonic textures, her sound palate sources field recordings, instruments and electronics to be suggestive but often unidentifiable. Her compositions exploit the dynamic extremes, toying with the listeners’ sense of expectation and generating anticipatory suspense. She does work for CD, gallery installation, and live performance, having been involved in many of Australia's major sound festivals, such as What is Music?, Liquid Architecture and The Now Now Festival of Spontaneous Music. She has twice toured Europe as part of a collaborative duo with cellist, Anthea Caddy. She is a graduate with honours in sound art from RMIT's Fine Art Department. She also assists in running the Australian experimental music label, Cajid Media.

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