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Kirile Loo

Kirile Loo

Дискография Kirile Loo:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Saatus - Fate 16 audio iTunes 1994 Erdenklang
2 Saatus 16 audio iTunes 1997-03-11 Alula
3 Saatus - Fate 16 audio iTunes Si-Wan Records
4 Saatus - Fate 16 audio iTunes 1994 Origins
5 Lullabies For Husbands 13 audio iTunes Erdenklang
6 Saatus - Fate 16 audio iTunes 1999 Origins

Vibrant and magical, the regi-verse songs of Kirile Loo are as timeless as the primeval forests that blanket the Estonian landscape, and as haunting as the dreams one just barely remembers upon waking. And there is the pure, soulfully direct and totally captivating voice of this echanting artist: Kirile Loo was born in a Northern Estonian village called Varinurme. She spent the majority of her childhood at her grandmother’s home at Alutaguse, which is a place in Estonia covered by primeval forests and untouched by civilization. There was no electricity, no telephone, no TV in her grandmother’s home, but close ties with nature in such a place; bear, elk, wolves and snakes lived nearby the house. The artistic creed of Kirile Loo cannot easily be put into words. From a human perspective, the ideals of Kirile Loo are rooted in ancient times, when primitive man expressed thoughts in a straightforward manner, without unnecessary philosophical speculations.

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