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Optimas Prime

Также известно как: OptimasPrime
Члены группы Optimas Prime: Monkey, Stagga, Touchy Muff
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/optimasprime, http://www.optimasprime.inafewdays.com/site.php, http://www.sin-nombre.co.uk/

Дискография Optimas Prime:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Pyramoya Anthem / Revenge Of The Tramps 6 audio iTunes 2004 Dial Up Records
2 Try Before You Die EP 6 audio iTunes Dial Up Records
3 Slang Shotgun / Prince Of Persia 8 audio iTunes 2004-09-06 Dial Up Records
4 D.R.O.P. EP 8 audio iTunes 2007 Dial Up Records
5 Try Before You Die 6 audio iTunes 2005 Dial Up Records
6 D.R.O.P. EP 8 audio iTunes 2007 Dial Up Records
7 Optimasprime Scratch Tool 11 audio iTunes 2005 Dial Up Records
8 D.R.O.P. 8 audio iTunes 2007 Dial Up Records
9 D.R.O.P. (Promo Mix) 12 audio iTunes 2007 Dial Up Records
10 D.R.O.P. 8 audio iTunes 2007 Dial Up Records

On first glance, Cardiff might not seem like the mecca of hip-hop. But look a little closer and you will find a bucket load of talent in and around the city. At the cutting edge of this is Optimas Prime, a turntablist/production outfit who have been putting it down for years. Consisting of members Monkey, Stagga and the beautifully named Touchy Muff, the group released their debut album in 2002. Voidvillle achieved critical acclaim and can still be found on the shelves of UK record stores today. Since then the boys have been steady on the grind, working with the cream of the industry including Evil Ed, Junior Disprol and Blaktrix. They have also shared the stage with many international artists including De La Soul. This hard work has culminated in a string of releases, the most recent being the acclaimed “Pyramoya Anthem” b/w “Revenge of The Tramps”. The group can also be found in their community, helping to give something back to the young people of the city. From teaching workshops that have taken them all over the world to financing the release of work by upcoming talent, Optimas Prime are ensuring that the next wave of hip-hoop kids are fully educated in the rules of the game. This year has seen Optimas Prime create their own label. Dial Up Records was set up to aid the release of their own material and also that of new artists in development.

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