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Menagerie, The

Также известно как: Menagerie
Члены группы Menagerie, The: Dr. Syntax (2), Elemental, Koaste, Nick Maxwell, Tom Caruana
Группа в интернете: http://www.brightonhiphop.com/

Дискография Menagerie, The:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Lets 'Ave Some 5 audio iTunes 2004 Fluid Ounce
2 Irregular Spirits 16 audio iTunes 2013 Tea Sea Records
3 Irregular Spirits 16 audio iTunes 2013 Tea Sea Records

Brighton based collective. Members inlcuding Elemental, Dr Syntax, Tom Caruana, Nick Maxwell, Koaste, Ido, Teej and Longusto. The EP BRC/Menagerie on Fluid Ounce features tracks from 'Wild Kingdom' - 'Charged' and 'Concepts & Styles' while 'Killing Joke pt.2' was on the Boiler Room Collective EP 'Way of the Sword'. All artist have worked individually with solo EP's from Tom Caruana (Splice Of Life-Breakin' Bread) and Teej (Step In My Adventure-Micology). Nick Maxwell is known for his mixtape series (Adventures In Hip Hop-Dugout), Elemental has released CD album 'Call in Sick' (Dugout) and has new album 'The Grand Tour' out soon (Esperanto). Producer Ido started the label Esperanto which looks set to release EP's from Tom Caruana, Dr Syntax, Enlish, Koaste as well as Ido's own magnificent music. Dr Syntax has worked with the Foreign Beggars ('Asylum Speakers') and is set to release an EP on their label Dented.

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