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Luca De Ponti

Luca De Ponti

Также известно как: LDP
Группа в интернете: http://www.dubrecordings.net

Дискография Luca De Ponti:

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Luca De Ponti approaches himself to music since 1992, when he studies piano and subsequently guitar, until 1994 when he tests to write the first songs in Punk-Rock style. Everything changes, and from 1996/1997 he approaches electronic music until 1998, when he begins to play with decks. The music he plays and writes include a lot of styles, but always with electronic elements. He plays in various clubs like De Sade Disco (Milan), Rolling Stones Privè (Milan), Fallout Cafè (Lissone, Milan) and Punta dell’Est (Milan) with DJs like Massimino Lippoli and Stefano Albanese. In 2005 with Giorgio Mandolfo he decided to open an house and electronic music label, [l=DUB Recordings]. For more information visit www.dubrecordings.net

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