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Glenn Magerman, Wouter Bongaerts & Tom Olaerts

Группа в интернете: http://www.groovedealer.be

Дискография Groovedealer:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Solaris 2 audio iTunes 2004-11-22 Bonzai Limited
2 Solaris 2 audio iTunes 2004 Banshee Worx BVBA

Groovedealer started in 2001 as a live dance project, and has evolved through different styles which makes the current sound of Groovedealer. Active as live act and producers, this team has projects such as their own songs as well as writing songs for projects like live abstract dance choreography and multiformat art, combining visuals, dance and art with music. Groovedealer represents club culture and art in a total new way… Evidence is their latest release on Banshee Worx. Glenn Magerman : studied classical music at the conservatory of Maastricht, and is now studying at the conservatory of Antwerp for Jazz, and active as freelance musician, co-leader (Shark Showcase, Proyeccion Latina, The Hallellujah Hornzz ) pop teacher (Muziekodroom Hasselt) and producer. Played at Sportpaleis, Marktrock, Expo Gent, Expo Cinay, Eurorock, Zwemdokrock, Elisabethzaal, City Parade, Industria, Pole Pole, Jazz Montreux, Top Studios, Jet Studios, Motormusic Studios, Art Sound Studios, Studio Brussel Live, Man bijt Hond, winner Diesel-U-Music contest 2004. And with Johny Logan, Jan Van Biesen, Nailpin, the Romeos, Adam F, Buscemi, Smos & Baby B, Funk D'Void, H Foundation … Wouter Bongaerts : studied classical piano for two years at Lemmens institute of Leuven, school/pop music at the conservatory of Maastricht, and is now active as producer, musician and music teacher in a secondary school in the Netherlands. He played at Frequence and Impulzz (the Netherlands ) with Bonzai Classic Trax (2004). He performed with Airwave in Sportpaleis Antwerp (illusion), played as pianist with Shark Showcase, the Romeos. He is also active as a composer. At the moment he`s working on a musical in the Netherlands. Tom Olaerts : studied languages and history in Hasselt , and is now active as a singer-songwriter/producer (Linus – Columbia , Sony Music Belgium ) , bandleader (Shark Showcase), singing-coach (Muziekodroom Hasselt) and freelance musician/singer. He was a finalist in the Belgian edition of ‘Idols', and played at Ancienne Belgique, Sportpaleis, Marktrock, Pop Heffen, Rockrijk, Tour&Taxis, Casino(Ostend), Hippodroom (Ostend), Summertour VTM… television performances on VTM , VRT, Jim TV ,TMF… radio performances on Q-music, Radio 2… Top Studios (Gent), The Globe studios (Loppem), BSB studios ( Brussels ), ‘Ochtendhond' studios and ‘Basil' studios ( Tilburg )…

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