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Jay Knight

Jason Knight

Также известно как: Knight
Группа в интернете: http://www.lockedrecords.co.uk, http://www.myspace.com/jayknightlocked

Дискография Jay Knight:

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Jay was introduced to electronic music by his father, who force fed him a musical diet of Jean-Michele Jarre and Kraftwerk from an early age. Jay's life revolves heavily around techno and, he took a course in sound engineering so that he could learn more about production side of things whilst constantly building on studio equipment and techniques. He is now a fully fledged producer having released tracks on the Epoch Works imprint alongside respected techno artists such as DJ Amok, Ben Long and Jamie Bissmire. Jay has played out with some of the best DJs in the scene including Damon Vallero, Inigo Kennedy, Jon Nuccle and Angela Flame and has played most of the leading techno clubs in the North including Throb in Wakefield, Voodoo in Liverpool and Darkside in Leeds. His style can best be described as rolling, darker-edged techno mixed with tribal beats and evil synth patterns

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