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Paths Of Possession

Члены группы Paths Of Possession: George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher, Richard Brunelle
Группа в интернете: http://www.pathsofpossession.com/, http://www.myspace.com/pathsofpossession

Дискография Paths Of Possession:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 The Crypt Of Madness 12 audio iTunes 2003 Splattergod Records
2 The End Of The Hour 10 audio iTunes 2007 Metal Blade Records
3 Promises In Blood 12 audio iTunes 2005 Metal Blade Records
4 The End Of The Hour 10 audio iTunes 2007 Metal Blade Records
5 Promises In Blood 12 audio iTunes 2005-10-04 Metal Blade Records
6 Promises In Blood 12 audio iTunes 2005 Фоно
7 Promises In Blood 12 audio iTunes 2005 Metal Blade Records
8 The End Of The Hour 10 audio iTunes 2007 Metal Blade Records
9 Promises In Blood 13 audio iTunes 2005-11-30 Metal Blade Records

Formed in 1999 by Randy Buttman (Silhaven), Jay Fossen, Erin "Goat" Fuller (Cryptic Winds) and Richard Brunelle (ex-Morbid Angel), as Swollen, Paths of Possession is a solid mix of traditional heavy metal with influences of Swedish melodic death metal. Paths of Possession independently released their first CD-r demo, Legacy in Ashes, in 2000. Following the release of Legacy of Ashes, Erin left the band to join Hell on Earth and was replaced by Brian Ridley (Cancerslug) in 2002. Soon after, Paths of Possession was approached by Keith "Splattergod" Suchland (Splattergod Records, Eviscerated Zombie Tampon) about releasing their next CD. It was mutually decided that they and Dark Faith would release a split EP, with each band contributing six songs. While working on the split, Buttman was asked to join Withered Earth in late 2002, officially doing so in January 2003, resulting in the band going on hiatus and the split being put on hold. Following the release of Withered Earths' Of Which They Bleed, the band broke up and Buttman returned to Tampa and set about resurrecting the dormant Paths of Possession. As their then vocalist, Bill, had relocated to New York, Buttman asked his friend, George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher (vocalist of Cannibal Corpse) to take over the vocal position. The new line-up then opted to record their six songs in Ozone Studios, St. Petersburg, Florida, finishing in September 2003. The result was entitled The Crypt of Madness and released on Splattergod Records, limited to 1000 copies. Plans were then made between the band and Splattergod to release their full length CD in late 2004 / early 2005. Soon following the split's release, in early 2004, Richard Brunelle was replaced by current guitarist Jack Goodwin, and drummer Brian Ridley left to rejoin Cancerslug. Nick Goodyear (Dark Faith) stepped in to take over the drumming duties. Paths of Possession debuted their new/current lineup at the second Gathering of Lowlifes Festival on April 9 2005, appearing with the newly reformed Hallow's Eve as well as Dark Faith, Gardy Loo and Eviscerated Zombie Tampon. It was also during this time that Metal Blade Records owner Brian Slagel, after hearing The Crypt of Madness, approached Fisher about signing Paths of Possession, which came about in 2005. Paths of Possession entered Mana Recording Studios / Razzor Media in St. Petersburg, Florida to record Promises in Blood, with renowned metal producer Erik Rutan. They followed this up with 2007's "The End of the Hour". Current line-up George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher - Vocals (Cannibal Corpse, Monstrosity (US)) Jay Fossen - Guitar Jack Goodwin - Guitar Randy Butman - Bass, Vocals (Silhaven) Nick Goodyear - Drums (Lunar Reign, Dark Faith (US)) Former/past member(s) Guitars: Richard Brunelle (Morbid Angel) Drums: Erin Fuller (Hell on Earth, Trial by Stone, Cryptic Winds) Chad (Silhaven) Bill (Rehearsals only) Brian Ridley (2002 - 2004) (Necrotomy (US), Johnny Black and the J-Birds, Cancerslug, Southern Blood, Barley Beast)

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