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Kgotso Semela

Также известно как: Captain, KAP, Oh Kaptin, My Kap'n

Дискография Kaptin:

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Kaptin aka Oh Kaptin My Kap'n is a South African Hip-hop producer and MC from Soweto, Johannesburg, and founding member of acclaimed crews [a=Audio Visual] and [a=Groundworks]. Formerly known as Ceelo, Kgotso took on the alias Kaptin My Kap'n after watching the movie "Dead Poet Society". Kaptin has since acquired another alias, [a=Ben Sharpa], a name which he crafted for the [b]Pavement Special Volume 1[/b] compilation, under which he has released more recent material, while still keeping his 'Kaptin' moniker for appearances and as as an accreditation for his production credits.

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