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Menstruation Sisters

Члены группы Menstruation Sisters: Brendan Walls, Lisa Tocatly, Naomi Tocatly, Nicholas Kamvissis, Oren Ambarchi
Группа в интернете: http://www.whitedenim.com/menstruationsisters.html

Дискография Menstruation Sisters:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Goog 9 audio iTunes 2001 Saucerlike Recordings
2 Ma 10 audio iTunes 1997 Fata Records
3 Holy Africa 3 audio iTunes 2005-06-00 White Denim
4 Dead At Slug's 10 audio iTunes 1999 Menlo Park Recordings
5 'MA' LP 10 audio iTunes 2008 No Fun Productions
6 Samantha (My Wack Panther) 10 audio iTunes 2009 Ecstatic Peace!
7 Puppet Island 8 audio iTunes 2011 Planam
8 Ma 10 audio iTunes 2010-01-15 Free Music Archive
9 Ma 10 audio iTunes 1997 Fata Records

Menstruation Sisters are more of a natural phenomenon than a musical group. Owing more to the sound of ice melting and eggs hatching than strummed guitars and pounded drums, the Sisters keep one ear on the ground and the other towards the atmosphere. Rather than working within the lines of modern rhythm and structure, they revert towards a primal direction, cutting off the fat and oozing forth only the most natural and unfettered sounds. Naturally, such a technique can be unsettling, as it's not something most humans are interested to hear, or have heard since upright-walking became a viable mode of transportation. This is music for those who kill their own food.

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