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Ed Stasium

Edward Stasium, Jr

Также известно как: E. Stasium, Ed, Ed "The Sonic Wolf" Stasium, Ed (Again Please) Stasium, Ed Stacium, Ed Stasim, Ed Stasium Jr., Ed Stasium Junior, Ed Stasium, Jr., Ed Stazium, Ed Thasium, Ed. Stasium, Edd Stasium, Eddie, Eddie Stasium, Edward Stasium, Edward Stasium Jr., Edward Stasium, Jr., Edward Stasiun
Группа в интернете: http://www.edstasium.com/

Дискография Ed Stasium:

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Multi-platinum and grammy-winning producer, engineer and mixer; renowned for his diplomacy skills in the studio and referred to as the 'Henry Kissinger Of Rock n Roll'. He was a guitarist in various garage bands during his youth, but soon became attracted to the engineering and production side of music, landing his first staff engineer job in 1972 at the [l=Venture Sound Studios], Sommerville, NJ, USA and going independent in 1978.

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