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Также известно как: O.F.T.B, O.F.T.B. Operation From The Bottom, O.peration F.rom T.he B.ottom, OFTB, Operation From The Bottom
Члены группы O.F.T.B.: Kevin White (10), Ronald Watkins, Sammy Williams
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/operationfromthebottom

Дискография O.F.T.B.:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Straight Up Watts 12 audio iTunes 1992-11-20 Big Beat
2 Slangin' Dope 4 audio iTunes 1992 Big Beat
3 In Too Deep 6 audio iTunes 1998 Flatbroke Entertainment
4 Gimme 'Nother Hit 2 audio iTunes 1992 Big Beat
5 Straight Up Watts 13 audio iTunes 1992-11-20
6 Body And Soul 2 audio iTunes 1997 Death Row Records (2)
7 Presents Return Of The West - A Flatbroke Compilation 18 audio iTunes 1998
8 Straight Up Watts 12 audio iTunes 1992-11-20 Big Beat

O.F.T.B.: (Operation From The Bottom) is a group from Watts, CA. Members are Kevin "Flipside" White, Sammy "Bust Stop" Williams and Ronald "Low M.B." Watkins, who grew up in Nickerson Gardens Project. They were signed to [l=Big Beat] Records where they released their debut album [r=474030] in 1992 with the hit single [r=517249]. Later, O.F.T.B. were signed to [l=Death Row Records (2)] where the group appeared on [r=477341], [r=900323], [r=497396] and [r=443006]. They left [l=Death Row Records (2)] in 1998 and formed their own record company by the name of Flatbroke Entertainment. The label folded after its first and only release called "The Return Of The West" which featured all the artists signed to Flatbroke Entertainment at the time.

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