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David Kahne

David Martin Kahne

Также известно как: D K, D. Kahn, D. Kahne, D. Khane, D.Kahne, Dave Kahne, David Khane, Davis Kahne, DK, K, Kahne

Дискография David Kahne:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 There's A Secret Goin' On 11 audio iTunes 1975 Capitol Records, Inc.
2 Bloom 18 audio iTunes Stoney Road Films

Producer, engineer and A&R executive. David Kahne taught himself guitar, bass and banjo when he was in high school. He was offered a record deal by [l=Capitol Records], but thought performing was not his thing. He started engineering and took a job at Hyde Street Recording in San Francisco, California. He began producing local bands and was later hired for A&R at both [l=Columbia Records] and [l=Warner Bros. Records, Inc.]. He now works as a producer.

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