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Jose Camacho

Также известно как: Lagh Mauhs, Lagh Maush
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/lagh1

Дискография Lagartho:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Feel Good 2 audio iTunes 2004-06-07 Plaza Recordings

I'm a producer and dj born in 1976, Catalonia in a province of Barcelona, El Masnou, a town of El Marésme. My life always has been influenced by all type of music, electronic, rock, grunge, ethnic, tribal, hip hop, rap, r&nb ect. Started my career with fasttracker II and impulse tracker, i make the music as inspired in this type of trackers. I like the dirty sound, deep and dark, music for the club for past the 3 am, music to dance and feel, with heavy samples, fresh beats and breaks... for feel the really experience of club. Work's as a Dj occasional has been employed at private parties and raves. As dj, i mix all type of music , pop, ambient, electro ,tech, house, trance..ect I mix with my xponent (m-audio), bcd 3000 and tractor... freshing fx, mixes y sampling mixes everywhere, cuts , repeats, pure state party. As producer has done several works for other producers collaborating with samples and own ideas. I have colaborated with famous djs and producers as Victor Magan, Juan Magan, Cesar del Rio, and another producers and djs Actually i'm working for tomorrow.

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