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Miss Motif

Amanda D'Arcy

Группа в интернете: http://www.facebook.com/missmotif, http://www.YouTube.com/missmotif, http://www.soundcloud.com/missmotif

Дискография Miss Motif:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Freedom 4 audio iTunes 2003 Rise
2 Tear Drop 2 audio iTunes 2011-04-07 Btwisted Recordings
3 Gabriel Part 2 3 audio iTunes 2011-03-03 Molto
4 Gabriel Part 1 3 audio iTunes 2011-02-09 Molto
5 A Little Bit Of Love 2 audio iTunes 2010-08-23 Inkfish Recordings
6 Let's Work It 8 audio iTunes 2009-06-05 We Love Muzik
7 Because The Night 5 audio iTunes 2012-03-12 Molto
8 Sinner Is A Saint 4 audio iTunes 2012-04-13 Kult Records
9 Techno Is A Way Of Life EP 4 audio iTunes 2013-03-25 Techno Artillery Records
10 By My Side 2 audio iTunes 2013-06-11 House Traxx Italy
11 Breakout 5 audio iTunes 2013-07-18 Sound Division

Vocalist for Scent and their 2004 hit, "Up And Down".

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