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Max Lanfranconi, P. Degraede, D. Biot, Haderberd, Sascha Basler, Blaschke Burhoff

Члены группы D.A.N.: Didier Biot, Max Lanfranconi, Patrick Degraeve

Дискография D.A.N.:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Yramid / Electronic Jungle 2 audio iTunes 1990 Time Out Records
2 Shankara 2 audio iTunes 1989 Out

D.A.N. (Dance All Night) was an alias for the house parties Max used to organize in Milano and the surrounding areas. He was the first DJ around here to organize huge parties, that lasted till the morning, together with his friends. Mostly they were held at a disco called Planet (now closed) as well as other clubs like Lizard (now closed) and Rolling Stones (now closed).

Комментарии о D.A.N.: