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Chris Grabher

Chris Grabher

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/chrisfuentes1

Дискография Chris Grabher:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Easy Atmosphere 3 audio iTunes 1995-07-30 Le Garage Records

Bio .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Chris Fuentes started his musical career as a classically trained pianist. At the age of 7 he started to play the piano. After the regular 5 years of classical music he studied another 5 years of jazz and composition. Coming from a conservative family, raised in a monastery school, he soon began to "abuse" Steinway pianos playing weird acid hooklines. The monks were shocked! .... Although he admits to love jazz music, he was more inspired by songs like "Rock it" and "19" as he cherished electro from its very beginning. Later, already 16 years old he played synthesizers in funk-jazz bands. Playing in bands, composing and producing original music suddenly took over. When he was asked to do music for a movie he didn’t hesitate and produced and composed the complete soundtrack and score for “J-Cam”, a critically acclaimed movie of director Hans Weingartner “The Edukators”. That was his ticket for the music industry and since then he was involved in many artistically challenging projects in electronic music. .... His first international release was the record „Easy Atmosphere EP“ which he produced with the vocals of Lady Kier, the fabulous singer of Deee-Lite („Groove is in the heart“). It was released in 1995 on the pioneer house record label „Le Garage Records“ under the name „Chris Grabher“ feat. Lady Kier like his baptismal name, as Chris Fuentes is his artist name. Furthermore he produced tracks and remixes for Jaydee („Plastic Dreams“) and Yello „How How“. As a producer and songwriter he worked for Victoria Newton (Strike), Woody Thompson, Queen Yahna, James Prince to name a few and produced records for electronic bands like Koenig Balthasar (Freiraum), Mikromops, Preen, Michel Lazara which were on rotation on music television viva in Europe. .... Chris Fuentes seems to be a real studio alchemist. His productions are sonically extremely well balanced so you can feel the vibes of a true and passionate perfectionist at work. “You have to be in love with every knob and fader you touch” he says asking him about his production methods. Growing up in the 80ies, his idol was Trevor Horn. “He was the first producer who deserved the merits of being a producer and not only an engineer”. .... Between his studio work he was always performing in clubs. Although he is playing records like a dj, his performance is more like a live show, as his keyboards travel with him so he has his studio companions to play on stage too. .... In 2005 after doing music for fashion shows he went to New York. His love for underground electronic music flamed up again and he bought a Virus keyboard and some gear to produce new tracks. After releases on Thompsonic Recordings (NYC) and Monster Bang Music (NYC), the leading dance label of Dubai (Raisani) licensed the track "Stay" for their popular Ibiza installment "Eivissa Sessions 07". .. In 2007 Chris Fuentes was signed by Karmarouge Noir (Germany) and Subuse (Belgium). In November 2007 he started touring Europe and the US again, starting with the ReSolute party in New York City..... ..

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