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David Lindup

Также известно как: D Lindup, D. Lindup, Dave Lindup, David Lindup Sound, The, David Linup, Lindup

Дискография David Lindup:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Freedom Road 18 audio iTunes 1974 Themes International Music
2 Underscore 18 audio iTunes 1968 KPM Music
3 Swing With The Big Bands 12 audio iTunes 1978 Bruton Music
4 The Rhythm Of Modern Life/Vaudeville 24 audio iTunes 1972 KPM Music
5 Outdoor Life 16 audio iTunes 1975 KPM Music
6 Melody And Rhythm Volume 1 14 audio iTunes 1969 Apollo Sound
7 Nature Study 26 audio iTunes 1969 KPM Music
8 Melody And Rhythm Volume 2 14 audio iTunes 1969 Apollo Sound

English composer, arranger and orchestrator Father of [a=Mike Lindup] Born: 10 May 1928 Died: 7 January 1992

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