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Также известно как: Deejay Mns, DJMNS, MNS
Группа в интернете: http://www.djmns.com, http://www.facebook.com/djmnsofficial, http://www.soundcloud.com/djmns, http://www.twitter.com/DJMNS, http://www.youtube.com/djmnsofficial

Дискография DJ MNS:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Extasy 2 audio iTunes 2005-05-00 KIK
2 Extasy 3 audio iTunes 2006-02-26 Lunatic
3 Tempo 4 audio iTunes 2003 Sub-Zero Records
4 Pump My Bass 4 audio iTunes 2006-04-17 Balloon Records
5 Infinity 2 audio iTunes 2006-12-11 Balloon Records
6 Extasy 7 audio iTunes 2006 Lunatic
7 Sempre Sempre 3 audio iTunes 2007-12-12 Balloon Records
8 Nostra Culpa 3 audio iTunes 2008-05-16 Balloon Records
9 Funky 5 audio iTunes 2002 Cyba Records
10 Infinity 4 audio iTunes 2006 Balloon Records
11 Funky 4 audio iTunes Cyba Records
12 Solo Por Ti 8 audio iTunes 2010-10-18 Balloon Records
13 Made In Holland 4 audio iTunes 2005-02-14 Balloon Records
14 Beat Back 4 audio iTunes 2001
15 Sempre Sempre 5 audio iTunes 2007-12-12 Balloon Records
16 Nostra Culpa 5 audio iTunes 2008-05-16 Balloon Records
17 Beat Back 4 audio iTunes 2001
18 Solo Por Ti 8 audio iTunes 2010 Balloon Records
19 Pump My Bass 6 audio iTunes 2006-03-24 Balloon Records

DJMNS is well known in the Austrian dance scene. He is in business more than fifteen years now. Amazing gigs all over Europe are the result of his long experience. The most fans of DJMNS are from Austria, because he is working for the biggest entertainment group in his country called „Bollwerk“ ! Over the years DJMNS produced an impressive number of tracks. Some together with DJ E-Maxx. „Sempre Sempre“ reached the Austria top 40 in the sales-charts, „Nostra Culpa“ leads the DCA-charts for weeks and „Pump My Bass" was released on more than 100 compilation worldwide distributed by Balloon-Records. His production „Extasy“ (Anima Ladina vs. DJMNS) together with Ottomix, reached the top at the DJ Top 40 in the year charts. For more about DJMNS please visit www.djmns.com

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