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I.A. Chabvonga

Члены группы Makif: Makif

Дискография Makif:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Soliloquy Ode E.P. 7 audio iTunes 1998 Buggin' Out Recordings

Makif aka Quillis is a Zimbabwe born MC who moved to the UK (London) in the early 90's, later relocating to Derby. Over the years Makif has recorded a lot of solo material and with his group, also named 'Makif' which featured a number of musicians a female vocalist and also his brother, MC Nebuchadnezzar. Makif & Nebuchadnezzar recorded one (cassette only) EP with UK Hip Hop producer Evil Ed entitled 'Soliloquy Ode' back in 1998 on the Buggin' Out label. The trio of Makif, Nebuchadnezzar and Evil Ed also had a track on Disorda's 'Mind The Gap' tape series around the same time.

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