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Stanley Beckford

Также известно как: Beckford, S. Beckford, Stanley, Starlight
Группа в интернете: http://www.mentomusic.com/stanley.htm

Дискография Stanley Beckford:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Plays Mento 13 audio iTunes 2002-06-01 Barclay
2 Family Court 2 audio iTunes 1977 Hit
3 Plays Mento 13 audio iTunes 2002 Barclay
4 Soldering 19 audio iTunes 1993 Heartbeat Records (2)
5 Gipsy Woman 10 audio iTunes GG's Records
6 Leave My Kisi Loo 2 audio iTunes Sky Note
7 Plays Mento 13 audio iTunes 2002 Barclay
8 Some A We A Ball 2 audio iTunes 1975 GG's Records
9 Israelites 3 audio iTunes 2004
10 Reggaemento 11 audio iTunes 2004

Stanley was born February 17, 1942 in the parish of Portland (he died 30 March 2007, Riverdale, Jamaica). He began singing in church, and then gained prominence by winning on the Vere Johns radio talent competition. Stanley recorded reggae as Stanley & The Turbines and in The Starlites. Although clearly reggae, his music had a tinge of mento, displaying a country sound, especially due to Stanley's mento style vocals, his recordings could best be described as "mento-reggae".

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