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DJ Iye 95

Jon Slade

Также известно как: DJ Iye Nine Five
Группа в интернете: http://www.channeldigitek.com/

Дискография DJ Iye 95:

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IYE-95 (pronounced eye-nine-five) aka Ron Spade – the Ginger Ninja has been a DJ since 1984. Drawn to the sound of the cut, he begun scratching on a friend’s ropey old stack system before owning the fabled first set of decks. Within a few months was playing his first gig in a (strange and very ‘local’) pub. Playing at parties became a regular thing and the required years of debauchery followed. In 1995 (odd that) a realisation occurred which resulted in a return to the hip-hop that started the whole affair - DJ IYE-95 was born.

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