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Nick Hodgson

Nick Hodgson

Дискография Nick Hodgson:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Deplore 5 audio iTunes 1996 kRkRkRk
2 Falling Across The Tightrope Of External Digestion 2 audio iTunes 1996 kRkRkRk
3 The Ghost Station 2 audio iTunes 1996 kRkRkRk
4 Argumentum Ad Hominem 16 audio iTunes 1996 Extemporization
5 Live At The Shirley Community Centre 4 audio iTunes CMP (2)

Multi-instrumentalist Nick Hodgson from Christchurch, New Zealand, sings and plays alto sax, guitar, organ, drums, percussion and more. He was the bandleader of avant-jazz group [a=CM Ensemble], and has recorded as and with various groups and guises, including The Incisions, Montessouri, Laudanum, and The Urinators. He has achieved a higher profile recently, under the name Nick Harte, as the lead member of discopunk band The Shocking Pinks.

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