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Lord Sassafrass

Michael Orlando Johnson

Также известно как: Lord Sasafrass, Lord Sassa Frass, Lord Sassa Fross, Lord Sassa-Fross, Lord Sassafrace, Lord Sassafras, Lord Sassafrost, Lord Sassi Fross, M. Johnson, S. Frass, S. Fross, Sasafras, Sasafrass, Sassa, Sassa Fras, Sassa Frass, Sassa Frast, Sassa Frost, Sassa-Fross, Sassafras, Sassafrass, Sassafross

Дискография Lord Sassafrass:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Don't Wait Too Long 7 audio iTunes 2008-03-28 Queep Organic Soul
2 The Horse Man Connection 12 audio iTunes 1982 Starlight Records
3 Step Up In Life / Step Up In Dub 2 audio iTunes 1989 Time 1 Records
4 1983 Live Stage Show At Ranny Williams Entertainment Center 2 audio iTunes 1983 Roots Rockers
5 Poccomania Jump 10 audio iTunes 1985 Black Scorpio (2)
6 Calypsonian Jump 2 audio iTunes 1985 Black Scorpio (2)
7 No More Heartaches / I'm The One 2 audio iTunes 1982 Gorgon Records
8 Step Up In Life / Version 2 audio iTunes Quality Music (3)
9 National Dish 2 audio iTunes 1985 Black Scorpio (2)
10 Green Bay Incident 2 audio iTunes 1978 Upsetters
11 Need You 2 audio iTunes 1984 Stereo Records (5)
12 Take Heed / Get In The Groove 4 audio iTunes Black Joy
13 Trickster In Love 2 audio iTunes King Bennie
14 Murder She Wrote 3 audio iTunes Ashantites
15 Lyrical Class / Let's Be Friends 3 audio iTunes Esso Jaxxon
16 Pocomania Jump / Four Legs Gallop 2 audio iTunes 1984
17 Murder She Wrote 2 audio iTunes 1986 Ottey's & Ashantics
18 Proud A We 2 audio iTunes Riley Inc.
19 100lbs Of Collie / Rasta Come From Jail 2 audio iTunes 1982 Black Joy
20 Don't Point Your Finger 2 audio iTunes Gorgon Records
21 A B C 2 audio iTunes 1984 Black Scorpio (2)
22 Jamaica Way 2 audio iTunes 1987 Skengdon
23 Poccomania Jump 8 audio iTunes Horseman Records (2)
24 Poccomania Jump 2 audio iTunes Horseman Records (2)
25 Jamaica Way 2 audio iTunes Skengdon
26 Step Up Ina Life 2 audio iTunes 1996 Black Scorpio (2)
27 Sweet Africa 2 audio iTunes 1982 Starlight Records
28 Jamaica 25th 2 audio iTunes 1987 Sunset Records (2)
29 Raiding Party 2 audio iTunes Horseman
30 Green Bay Incident / Dreadlocks In Moon Light City 2 audio iTunes Upsetter
31 Run Di Session / Talking Yardie 2 audio iTunes 2013 Jahtari
32 International Jocky / Big Bad Wicked 2 audio iTunes Horseman Label
33 I've Got To Tune In / Hopper Dance 4 audio iTunes Jah Life
34 A B C / Pocomainia Jump 2 audio iTunes 1984 Black Scorpio (2)
35 The Don Of All Dons 2 audio iTunes GT I-Power
36 Rasta Come From Jail / Hundred Pounds Of Collie 2 audio iTunes Papa D Records
37 Love Mi Boops 2 audio iTunes Black Scorpio (2)
38 Chubby Belly 2 audio iTunes 1987 Harry J Records

Jamaican recording artist Lord Sassafrass is best known as a dancehall Reggae DJ with the Black Scorpio Sound System. On Black Scorpio Sound, Lord Sassafrass introduced the world to General Trees, and the entire Horseman Crew. Prior to his career in music Sassafras was employed at the riding stables at the Caymans Park racecourse in Jamaica. A regular visitor to the course was the entrepreneurial Jack Scorpio who built his own popular sound system in the early 70s and ventured into record production in the 80s. His first production was Sassafras performing ‘Pocomania Jump’, a reference to the religious culture that has survived in Jamaica since the days of slavery. The tune was an instant hit. Much of Sassafrass’ musical history is seen in the live dance. Similar to the career of Brigadier Jerry, Sassafrass was entertaining in an era of live djs, where recorded music was secondary to the live dance. In 1985 he went to New York where he performed on heavy weight soundsystems like Third World or GT Hi Power, just to name a few. His work today carries out the tradition he started almost forty years ago – a sound that is completely unique and his own.

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