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Risto-Matti Salo

Группа в интернете: http://www.pimentola.fi/, http://www.myspace.com/pimentola

Дискография Pimentola:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Tuoni Pauloo Tiukoin Sitein 3 audio iTunes 2004 War Office Propaganda
2 MM-MMV 20 audio iTunes 2005-07-11 Twilight Records (2)
3 Untitled 6 audio iTunes 2005-11-09 Lempo
4 Pimentola 2 audio iTunes 2005-10-00 Twilight Records (2)
5 Tuoni Pauloo Tiukoin Sitein 3 audio iTunes 2004 War Office Propaganda
6 MM-MMV 15 audio iTunes 2006 Ravenheart
7 Misantropolis 10 audio iTunes 2007-03-10 Cold Meat Industry
8 Hämärän Seppele 10 audio iTunes 2002 Lempo
9 Demo '98 4 audio iTunes 1998 Not On Label
10 Hämärän Seppele 10 audio iTunes 2002 Lempo

Pimentola was formed sometime in the late winter of the year 1996 by Lempo and Turja. Pimentola's purpose was to create dark/black metal influenced metal with a form and lyrics that were heavily based on ancient Finnish beliefs and mythology (mostly Kalevala). After the first demo Pimentola continued as a one man band of Lempo. On the second demo the style of music was already more synth based dark metal with machine drums. A MCDR released next, in 2000, was drastically different in style, being neoclassical instrumental music. Later on, because of obtaining a sampler, the music of Pimentola has reached out to new dimensions still, sounding nowadays something like orchestral/industrial with slight ethnic and tribal influences... remaining still instrumental, but with occasional samples of the human voice. The music of Pimentola is currently very much depending on samples, which have been obtained from various sources, or sometimes self-produced. Keyboards and real acoustic instruments are still included though. In 2006 Pimentola was signed to the highly influential Swedish label [l=Cold Meat Industry], which released the CD Misantropolis in 2007. Misantropolis introduces more vocals than on past Pimentola releases; hysteric screams, gloomy choirs/harmonies; hand in had with electronic sounds, samplings and acoustic instruments; accordion, violins, theremin, metal percussions and various kinds of drums.

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