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Christabel Cossins

Также известно как: C.Cossins, Christabel Coussins, Cristabel Cossins

Дискография Christabel Cossins:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Naked In The Rain 3 audio iTunes 2005 Kickin Records

As well as running her own vocal coaching school, Christabel Cossins was lead singer & songwriter with original house/funk/disco band [i]Nude[/i], collaborating with [i]Les Rythmes Digitales[/i] among others. They also held down a residency at The Concorde, home to Big Beat Boutique where they supported the funk/acid-jazz band [i]D-Influence[/i]. In recent years, Christabel has performed all over Ibiza and has moved into a more powerful, trance lead vein, singing with dance acts [i]Kontakt[/i] (NuLife) and [i]Plummet[/i] (Serious).

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