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Art Déco

Claudio Valente(vocals synth),Marco Todesco(keyboards),Gian Paolo Diacci(bass, guit.)Stefano Montefusco(drums)Sandro Spanio(bass),Paolo Sisto(guit.)

Также известно как: Art Deco
Члены группы Art Déco: Claudio Valente, Marco Todesco, Paolo Sisto, Sandro Spanio, Stefano Montefusco

Дискография Art Déco:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Because The Movie Is On 2 audio iTunes 1985 Art Retro Ideas
2 European Crime 3 audio iTunes 1985 Art Retro Ideas
3 Secret Divine 2 audio iTunes 1986 Modern Music Productions
4 The Fake Of Lovin' / The Game 3 audio iTunes 1999 Golden-Dance-Classics
5 Because The Movie Is On / Boxer 4 audio iTunes 1999 Golden-Dance-Classics
6 European Crime / Faces / Feel The Fear 3 audio iTunes 1999 Golden-Dance-Classics

Venice(Mestre) based new romantic, electro-pop and new wave band of the 80's; movement they signed with the Venetian indie label Art Retrò Ideas (then changed to Modern Music) from 1982 to 1986 and realized 3 Ep's and recorded many demo tapes and then split before realizing a full lenght album. The Original line up was composed by Claudio Valente (vocal, lyrics, music and synth) Marco Todesco (music, keyborads and synthesizers)Gian Paolo Diacci(Bass and electric guitar)Stefano Montefusco(drums then, after Diacci left the band, Paolo Sisto joined to play bass and only the electric guitar when Alessandro Spanio arrived to be the new bass player. In 1985 also Paolo Sisto left to leave to David Mora the role of lead guitar. In 1987 the band split. 1983 -"BECAUSE THE MOVIE IS ON"- (Ep-Art Retrò- Ideas, distributed by Discotto Productions) 1984-"EUROPEAN CRIME" - "THE FAKE OF LOVIN'" ((Ep-Art Retrò- Ideas, distributed by Discotto Productions) 1985-"SECRET DIVINE" - (EP - Modern Music Productions distributed by Disco Magic) In 1986 under the name GARLAND Claudio Valente with the help of Marco Todesco realized a solo ep,"HEARTBEAT"(1986-Modern Music Productions-distributed by Disco Magic), a italo disco track.

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