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Israel Fichman

Israel Fichman

Дискография Israel Fichman:

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Israel Fichman, was and still known because of a special small underground record shop in Bat-Yam called "Gingi Records" (which was originally started as a photography shop). In the early 90's, Trance and Techno music couldn't be found around Israel, expect 3 shops (2 other were in Tel Aviv), which brought this kind of stuff. The whole Israeli Trance scene was actually started in these places, where DJ's who came to get the usual 12" for their sets, could get these new sounds, which could be heard elsewhere. In fact, the first Israeli Trance compilation - "Trance Mix" was released on his home label called BMI, later changed to Melodia. Israel "Gingi" Fichman has passed away in November 2010 because of cardiac arrest.

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