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Mike Verros

Michalis Verros

Также известно как: D.J. Mike Verros, D.J. Verros, DJ Mike Verros, Μ. Βέρρος, M. Verros, Verros

Дискография Mike Verros:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Shiva Space Technology Israel II 8 audio iTunes 1998
2 Shiva Space Technology Israel 8 audio iTunes 1998 Discovery Records (2)
3 Burnt Out 8 audio iTunes 1999 Digital Underground

Verros was the founder and owner of the party project Brainstorm in 1989, in Thessaloniki. Once the most known psy trance Dj and producer in Greece around the 94 to 98 period. He also played and collaborated with the best producers in the country and not only. He started Brainstorm in a warehouse initially playing acid house and techno of the time, then moved to breakbeat around 92 and finally in psy trance, from 94 onwards, riding the underground dance music waves like no one else in Greece back then. Some of his parties are said to be the best ever in Greece, just because of the totally underground and complete rave nature. Through his party group, Mike has brought some of the most important producers at the time, in Psy trance and not only. Later on the group co-operated with Trancemedia to form R-Load through which both party groups tried to expand their horisons and activity. In 98 to 99, Verros started doing a lot of work together with Israeli acts and Djs, mostly the successful group called luminus, by Suki Adry and Amir Dvir, or other acts belonging to the Morning and Melodic scene of the time. The downfall of the Israeli Morning trance later on cost Verros his fame, as the later generations did not have the chance to witness his true potential. He also made Discovery records in Israel to produce the first of the Shiva Space Technology Israel compilation series, and Echidna in Thessaloniki for his two 12 inch productions under the name Psychonauts. Most of the people in north Greece that followed the psy trance development from its beginnings agree that today’s still strongly standing psy trance scene in Thessaloniki owes its roots to this man.

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