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Также известно как: Sass
Члены группы Sasss: Charlene Jones, Marilyn Ashford Brown

Дискография Sasss:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 I Didn't Mean It At All 2 audio iTunes 1985 10 Records
2 Baby Talk 3 audio iTunes 1985 10 Records
3 I Didn't Mean It At All 2 audio iTunes 1984 10 Records
4 Baby Talk 3 audio iTunes 1985 10 Records
5 Baby Talk 2 audio iTunes 1985 10 Records

Female trio of singers who were often hired by local producers, for background vocals on recording sessions. New York producers got wind of the group and began soliciting them for projects. The earlier Sasss days included the "You've Got What It Takes" UK Tour with Bobby Thurston. During the early 80s Sasss received the chance to travel to Europe, where they performed at various club venues in London, Scotland and Wales. Upon returning to the US, the group auditioned for a record promoter by the name of Maxx Kidd who immediately took them on and began managing the group. He introduced the group to Philadelphia International Records Producer and Songwriter, Dexter Wansel and Cynthia Biggs. Sasss began doing background recordings under Dexter's direction and were later featured on some of Lou Rawls' and Pieces of a Dream's recordings. Dexter signed the group with a London label, Virgin's 10 Records. One of their releases on the label, "I Didnt Mean It At All," made the International Billboard Charts. Sasss are also the recorded background voices on Sharon Redd's song "Can You Handle It," which was originally recorded for a Sasss release. Other contributions include Gayle Adams' songs "Love Fever" and "Your Love Is A Lifesaver" among several other Adams recordings.

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