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Nemanja Kojić, Aleksandar Petrović, Dalibor Vučić, Zoran Djuroski, Dušan Petrović, Vukašin Marković

Члены группы Eyesburn: Aleksandar Nikić, Aleksandar Petrović, Dalibor Vučić, Dejan Miljković, Dejan Utvar, Dušan Petrović (2), Gil's.P., Nemanja Kojić, Nenad Živić, Ninoslav Filipović, Vladimir Lazić, Vukašin Marković, Zoran Đuroski
Группа в интернете: http://www.eyesburnmusic.com/, http://www.myspace.com/eyesburn

Дискография Eyesburn:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Dog Life 9 audio iTunes 1998 Metropolis Records (4)
2 Fool Control 11 audio iTunes 2000 B92
3 Solid 14 audio iTunes 2003 B92
4 Fool Control 11 audio iTunes 2000-11-20 B92
5 How Much For Freedom? 12 audio iTunes 2005 PGP RTS
6 Freedomized 12 audio iTunes 1995 Silver Cross Records
7 Cool Fire 8 audio iTunes 2002 Ammonite Records
8 Reality Check 15 audio iTunes 2013-07-06 Ammonite Records
9 Solid 14 audio iTunes 2003 B92

Serbian hard-core / reggae band formed in 1994. Original line up was: Coyot - guitar & back vocals, Laza-bass, Alek-drums and Nenad-vocals. Vocalist Nenad left the band just weeks before studio recording of the first album, and Coyot took his place as a lead singer. After the album release, Gillespie also left the band, and band continued to play as a trio. At the same time, Coyot starts to take active role as a trombone player as well, and the band started musical exploration of other genres (reggae, dub, drum & bass…) making its own specific mixture of styles, and creating their own unique sound which many people liked immediately. Nino joined the band as a second guitar player. Soon after, Eyesburn recorded their (still) most popular & listened album titled ”Fool Control”(CD/MC) wich showed the band`s abillity to grow and opened doors for many opportunities in music bussiness. Band line-up since than has been: Alek - drums, Laza - bass, Nino - guitar and Coyot - guitar, vocal, trombone. Recording soundtrack for the most popular youth film “Munje”, band introduced himself to a wider population. In March 2005. comes to changes in the band: Laza (bass) and Nino (guitar) are leaving the band. Now Eyesburn are: Coyote (vocal, trombone, guitar), Zoran Djuroski Djura (who “gave up” on guitar and became a sound manager), Alek (drums), with new members: Dule (saxofon, ex Dvojac Bez Kormilara), Vucko (bass, ex Del Arno Band), Vukasin (trombone and back-up singer, Smoke’n’Soul – he performed earlier as Eyesburn guest) and Utvar (Partibejkers’ new drummer).

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