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DJ Indian

Romano de Paoli

Группа в интернете: http://www.djindian.com

Дискография DJ Indian:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Challenge 2 audio iTunes 2001 Turning Wheel Records
2 Trance 3000 Vol. 1 18 audio iTunes 2002-04-29
3 Wind 18 audio iTunes 2002-11-29 TBA
4 Street Parade 2002 Live 18 audio iTunes 2002-08-16 Elevator Music
5 Futurescope 19 18 audio iTunes 2002-02-08 TBA
6 Sleepless Nights 2 audio iTunes 2003 TranceTown Records

Born in 1973 in Zurich, Romano De Paoli already in his childhood had the sense of good music. Mid-nineties, he attended various clubs and parties and was able to witness the construction of the house and techno generation. His love and fascination for electronic music had no limits and with the ambition and tact it was only a matter of time before Romano acted as DeeJay. In 1996 it was finally over, Romano left turn his first records in their own homes on the self-acquired DeeJay Equiment. This was also the time to find a suitable name DeeJay! As a DJ, Indian Romano was able to identify the best. With a broad musical spectrum and exceptional mixing skills Romano was already booked one year after his birth as a DJ in renowned Indian clubs in Switzerland. Speaking of birth, the same year saw Romanos daughter, Marisa-Lorena, the world. Various known bookings in clubs and big parties followed. Thus, Romano was able to build a large network with national and international DJs, producers and promoters. Together with DJ Noise DJ Indian produced under the project "Steelworkers" the track "Peace, Love and Freedom", which was then promptly on the Official Street Parade Compilation 2001 added. In August 2001, Romano resident DJ at Radio Street Parade, which begins operation in each case three weeks before the parade was. So the Zurich was during this time each day behind the mixing desk and delighted the audience with his radio sounds. Numerous interviews in magazines, radio and TV stations were now on the agenda. Romanos natural and open-minded type in combination with its own Trance style brought him from all sides positive response and helped him in the following years to a number of bookings in prestigious clubs in Switzerland. Among others, the famous Zurich Club OXA was aware of him and booked him regularly from now on. Before he knew it, Romano was fully booked until the end of 2001. In addition to booking plannings Indian teamed up with DJ SubSonic and produced two tracks. "Challenge" was in the follow on "Turning Wheel Records" released and found its way into some storage cases of known national DeeJays. The release party in Zurich club "D-Lite" under the name "Challenge Night with DJ SubSonic & DJ Indian "caused quite a stir in the scene, so that at regular intervals" Challenge Parties "followed. At these parties, the two DeeJays submitted 10 hours nonstop on together. Meanwhile Indian was discovered by the record company TBA, and contracted. With the release of "Future Scope 19" compilation in 2002 managed Indian from zero to Place Two of the Swiss compilation charts. For further engagements on trance compilations such as the "Trance3000" from the Zurich Club "OXA" DJ Indian moved back to the studio. The Zurich Street Parade was for DJ Indian has always been a platform to realize his person. Besides the fact that he played on the TBA-Love Mobile, Indian DJ mixed the Street Parade 2002 Live Compilation of which in Switzerland alone something more than 14'000 pieces over the counters went. In November 2002, DJ Indian gave his first artist album "wind" out with a specially produced track. "Sleepless Nights", along with Ivan L, for the productions of Dave 202 and DJ Simple was responsible for producing. As a result of contact with the northern neighbor Germany became increasingly important. Thus Indian pimped with the guys from the famous German label "Overdose Records" together. End of October 2002 extended Romano at "TBA" the artist contract, but only for the mix for CD compilations. For the Track Releases the top label Overdose Records was considered. With Overdose together Indian produced, in February 2003 a proposal for the official Street Parade Hymn 2003 with the name "Elements Of Culture". Unfortunately, this was not taken into account and it was never release. But, he played on the 2003 Street Parade Warm-up stage, with DJ Scot Project, DJ Sakin & Friends and Wag, as well as on the Lovemobile "Overdose & Raveline".

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