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Masta Killa

Elgin Evander Turner

Также известно как: Masta Killa A.K.A. Noodles, Masta Killa A/K/A Noodles, Masta Killah, Masta Killer, Mastakilla, Master Killa, Master Killa A/K/A Noodles, Master Killah, Master Killer, Master Killer A.K.A. Noodles, Master Killer A/K/A Noodles, Mester Killa
Группа в интернете: http://www.mastakilla.net/, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masta_Killa

Дискография Masta Killa:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 No Said Date 20 audio iTunes 2004
2 Old Man 6 audio iTunes 2004-07-23 Nature Sounds
3 No Said Date 16 audio iTunes 2004-07-09 Nature Sounds
4 D.T.D. / Queen 6 audio iTunes 2005-01-25 Nature Sounds
5 Ringing Bells 3 audio iTunes 2006-04-03 Nature Sounds
6 Made In Brooklyn 13 audio iTunes 2006-08-11 Nature Sounds
7 Iron God Chamber / Street Corners 5 audio iTunes 2006 Nature Sounds
8 Digi Warfare / No Said Date 6 audio iTunes 2004 Nature Sounds
9 Armored Truck 6 audio iTunes 2003
10 Unreleased 12 audio iTunes
11 Things Just Ain't The Same / Noodles Pt. 2 5 audio iTunes 2010-08-10 Nature Sounds
12 Made In Brooklyn 13 audio iTunes Nature Sounds
13 Live 16 audio iTunes 2010 Gold Dust Media
14 Back To School 3 audio iTunes 2004 Nature Sounds
15 Live 16 audio iTunes 2010 Gold Dust Media
16 Selling My Soul 16 audio iTunes 2012-12-11 Nature Sounds
17 Old Man 6 audio iTunes 2004 Nature Sounds
18 No Said Date 6 audio iTunes 2004
19 Selling My Soul (Deluxe Box Set) 64 audio iTunes 2013

American rapper and member of the Wu-Tang Clan born August 18, 1969 in Brooklyn, New York. He may be the quietest member of the original [a=Wu-Tang Clan], but of all the Wu-Tang related releases that came out in the past few years, no one has made more noise than Masta Killa. While some of the larger Wu members sought outside production in exchange for more sales and club spins, Masta Killa kept production and guest appearances completely in-house with his 2004 release "No Said Date," which brought back the dirty sound that Wu die-hard fans have sorely missed for the past few years.

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