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Группа в интернете: http://www.babygrande.com/

Дискография Cherrywine:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Bright Black 11 audio iTunes 2003 DCide
2 Bright Black 11 audio iTunes 2003 CNR Music
3 Dazzlement / What Im Talking 4 audio iTunes 2003 DCide

Cherrywine is the name of Ishmael Butler's band. You probably know Ishmael as 'Butterfly' from Digable Planets or as just 'Ish' from his work with artists like 4 Hero and Camp Lo in some of his post-Digable work. Overall, Ish had been pretty quiet since Digable disbanded. Then at the end of 2001, a 12' white-label with two tracks from Cherrywine surfaced almost mysteriously. Within weeks, the 12' was a top-seller among internet retailers and Ish seemed to have picked up right where he left off--distinguished as one as one of the most interesting and progressive MC's to ever pick up a mic. In 2003, DCide Records, in a partnership with Babygrande, released Cherrywine's debut album which was met with critical acclaim worldwide.

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