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Russ Titelman

Russ Titelman

Также известно как: Fitelman, R Titelman, R. Teitelman, R. Titelman, R. Titleman, R.Titelman, Russ Teitlemann, Russ Tidelman, Russ Tietleman, Russ Titeleman, Russ Titelman, Russ Titlelman, Russ Titleman, Russ Tittelman, S. Titelman, Teitelman, Teitleman, Teittleman, Telman, Tipleman, Titelman, Titleman

Дискография Russ Titelman:

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Russ Titelman born 16 August 1944, Los Angeles, California is an american record producer and songwriter.An accomplished musician, Titelman got his start in the 60s as a guitarist and backing vocalist under the tutelage of producer Phil Spector.

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