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Soil Bleeds Black, The

Также известно как: ...The Soil Bleeds Black, Soil Bleed Black, The
Члены группы Soil Bleeds Black, The: Dawn Desiree', Eugenia Houston, Mark Riddick, Michael Riddick
Группа в интернете: http://www.soilbleedsblack.com, http://www.myspace.com/thesoilbleedsblack

Дискография Soil Bleeds Black, The:

# Release title Format Get in iTunes Released on year Label
1 Quintessence 5 audio iTunes 2001 World Serpent
2 Alchemie 12 audio iTunes 1999 World Serpent
3 Mirror Of The Middle Ages 12 audio iTunes 2003-04-00 The Fossil Dungeon
4 The Kingdom & It's Fey 25 audio iTunes 1996 Cruel Moon International
5 The Kingdom & It's Fey 30 audio iTunes 1996 Cruel Moon International
6 May The Blood Of Many A Valiant Knight Be Avenged 34 audio iTunes 1998 Draenor Productions
7 A Medieval Mélange 9 audio iTunes 2000 Renaissance Magazine
8 Three Living, Three Dead 6 audio iTunes 2004 Old Europa Cafe
9 March Of The Infidels 16 audio iTunes 1997
10 Promotional Cassette 1999 5 audio iTunes 1999 Not On Label
11 Mirror Of The Middle Ages 11 audio iTunes 2002-04-00 The Fossil Dungeon
12 Lead Into Gold 7 audio iTunes 2002 Lichtbringer
13 The Knightly Years 15 audio iTunes 2009 Twilight Records (2)
14 May The Blood Of Many A Valiant Knight Be Avenged 34 audio iTunes 1998 Draenor Productions
15 Quintessence 7 audio iTunes 2011

The Soil Bleeds Black was conceived in the year 1992 as a project that focused on the experimental visions of twin brothers, Mark and Michael Riddick. Over years the concepts changed as the brothers searched for a complete sound that could appropriately exhibit their transformative thoughts and interests. This endeavor reached a particular climax in the year 1994, when TSBB took on a sound of pure medieval folkloric expression. Shortly after this realization, Mark and Mike added Eugenia Wallace to their ranks. Eugenia's vocal contribution helped to bring to fruition the final elements that would make up the portrait of their endeavors. Essentially, The Soil Bleeds Black aim to convey an enchanting conglomeration of raw sound, middle age custom, and self-expression through ancient allegory, alchemical tract, and their entourage of medieval instruments.

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