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Kwezi Ngcakani

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/xamt

Дискография X-Amount:

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South African MC/producer, born in exile on April 12, 1974 in a MK camp in Zambia and moved to Nairobi, Kenya at three months of age. The son of a former South African MK guerilla soldier and a qualified nurse, Kwezi Ngcakani aka X-Amount was raised in exile in Nairobi, until the age of 9, before relocating to Canada, moving to London, Ontario at age 9 in 1984 and finally settling in Toronto in 1988 for the next 10 years. Kwezi, which means "Morning Star" in Xhosa, returned to Johannesburg in 1998 and quickly started to make a name for himself as an MC on the local rap scene. Teaming up with [a=Snazz D] and other like-minded MC's to form the group [a=Cashless Society]. Relocating to Pretoria in 2005, X-Amount currently runs his own music-media production company [b]Stage Presence, CC[/b] set to release his solo debut "The Last Real Rap Sheet" in 2010.

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